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With progress of modern technology, people live longer. They say eighties is the new sixties. We know more about diseases and are able to manage various diseases with newer treatment modalities. But Ageing, disability and death are inevitable progression of life. Chronic Diseases and resultant disabilities extract a heavy toll and often frequent hospitalizations and ED visits.  The struggle to recovery is fraught with challenges due to difficult care transitions, frequent medication changes and high rate of disabilities due to frailty and cognitive problems. Specialists in the field of Elder care screen and manage geriatric syndromes which are conditions associated with aging. With the added expertise in palliative care, we are not only able to align your care with your goals, we also able to bring in resources consistent with those goals and tailored to the needs of your support system to best manage your symptoms during your road to recovery.

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Sample Interventions
  • Goals Discussions and formulate treatment plans

  • Advanced Care Planning with POLST

  • Comprehensive Symptom Control and mitigation of suffering

  • Comprehensive Medication Review

  • Management of Geriatric Syndromes like Dementia and Frailty

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